‘undo’ ssh-add

  • List all available keys.
  • Remove a key.
  • List all available keys.

MySQL won’t start automatically during system startup

  • P: The MySQL service does not automatically start during system startup.

  • A:
    1. Purge and redo startup scripts:
    2. Change bind-address to Find bind-address = and change it to bind-address =
    3. Check /etc/init/mysql.override: This file might override your startup settings. In case it looks like this
      $ less /etc/init/mysql.override
      Execute the following:
    4. Done.

remove read access for ‘other’

Per default, every user may read the content of other user’s home directories. To change that to a more private setup, remove all rights for other from all user’s home directories: This needs only to be done to the parent directory (/home/[user]), no chmod -R is necessary.