Working Set specific Problems View

If you are working with many different projects, Eclipse let’s you organize them into “Working Sets”. You can add projects to different Working Sets and configure your Package Explorer to show only certain Working Sets.

assign_working_sets working_sets_assignments

The Eclipse “Problems View” nevertheless, shows per default all Errors and Warnings from all projects open in your current workspace.

To change the default behaviour you can configure the default Problems View and even create a new one:

Click on the tiny triangle on the right side of the Problems View to open a configuration window.

problems_view_configure_1 problems_view_configure_2

Here you can change the default behavior to show only errors and warnings for the current selection or to show errors and warnings for a specific working set.

The latter is especially interesting in combination with creating a new Problems View. You can for example create a Problems View for each working set and then configure it to show only the problems of the specific working set.

This way you can create Working Set-specific Problems Views and for example configure the default one to show only the current selection. This will give you some extra flexibility when working with many different projects.

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